Abstract command with generic functionality for box placement commands.
Class AbstractCommand
Component for placement commands. If the placed element ends at a larger position than maxXPos, the element is automatically repositioned on the following page at $newYPos and $newxPos.
Places a copy of a box from template document.
Executes JavaScript in InDesign.
Sets the target page in the InDesign document.
Class GroupEnd
Class GroupStart
Class ImageBox
Jumps to the next page in the InDesign document.
Opens an InDesign document.
Displays messages in InDesign Plugin bound to the current page.
Class RemoveEmptyLayers
Sets the target layer name for all sequential following commands.
Class SplitTable
Class Table
Command for creating page layout elements in InDesign. All commands added to a template are executed automatically when a page is accessed in InDesign document.
Class TextBox
Class UpdateElements
Standalone or component for placement commands. Sets a variable with a position value in InDesign.


Interface for commands that can be components of commands.
Interface ImageCollectorInterface