Execute Endpoint

Endpoint route:


Execute endpoint is call by the plugin when a publication is generated. The selected project identifyer is passed as parameter in the URL. In addition to the selected project execute endpoint needs more required parameters to control the generated publication:

Parameter Documentation
publicationIdent Publication identifyer returned by Project Endpoint.
renderLanguage Publication language returned by Project Endpoint.

For a documentation of all parameters the Plugin sends to the server refer to the Service \Mds\PimPrint\CoreBundle\Service\PluginParameters in the API documentation or directly to the source.

When accessing the endpoint with a browser you can pass the required parameters with GET:


The response below shows a shorted example of generation instructions for the Plugin from the PimPrint-Demo:

    "commands": [
            "cmd": "opendoc",
            "type": "usecurrent",
            "language": ""
            "cmd": "opendoc",
            "type": "template",
            "language": "0",
            "name": "PimPrint-DataPrintDemo_blue.indd"
    "preProcess": [],
    "postProcess": [],
    "success": true,
    "messages": [],
    "debugMode": false,
    "images": {},
    "settings": {}

By accessing this endpoint you can check and debug the buildPublication() method described in the Getting Started section, creating the Commands to send the rendering instructions to the Plugin.