Demonstrates each Rendering Command in a separate publication:

Publication Description
CopyBox Copies and resizes elements from template file into generated documents.
ImageBox Placing of Pimcore Assets.
TextBox Placing and styling of text. Includes transforming of HTML to styled InDesign text.
Table Creating of tables programmatically or by parsing HTML. Includes automatic page break feature with SplitTable command.
Page Handling Demonstrates page handling and page layout features using Template command.
Groups Creation of InDesign element groups and using it for placement and automatic page breaks.
Layers Demonstrates handling of layers. Including automatic language specific layers for generation of documents supporting black plate change.
Relative Positioning Position elements relative to each other. This allows the creation of dynamic rule based layouts.
Messages Showing descriptive messages in InDesign plugin.

Every demo publication creates its output into separate layer of the document. This allows to generate all demos into one document and switch the visibility of layers.

CommandDemo Layers