PimPrint can be used to create localised InDesign documents.

A document is first created in the so-called master language. Layout adjustments can be made manually in this language. When other languages are generated, the positions and element sizes of the master language are adopted, whereby the layout adjustments previously made are automatically transferred to the other languages.

The LocalizationDemo shows features of PimPrint to explain this concept and how it works.


The project service class must extend \Mds\PimPrint\CoreBundle\Project\MasterLocaleRenderingProject.

use Mds\PimPrint\CoreBundle\Project\MasterLocaleRenderingProject;

class LocalizationProject extends MasterLocaleRenderingProject

Project services must use mds.pimprint.core.master_locale_rendering_project as parent.

        autowire: true
        autoconfigure: true
        public: false

            parent: mds.pimprint.core.master_locale_rendering_project
            public: true
            autowire: true
            autoconfigure: false