PimPrint Commands

Rendering InDesign documents is done by the PimPrint InDesign. It sequentially executes commands send by the server. A set of PHP classes is used to create this Commands sent to the Plugin.

The entire list of PimPrint Commands is indicated below:

Name Description
CheckNewPage Command to create automatic page breaks when placed elements exceed the defined page size.
CopyBox Places an InDesign template element into the generated Document, including positioning and resizing.
ExecuteScript Executes arbitrary InDesign JavaScript.
GoToPage Jumps to a page for placing elements in.
GroupEnd Creates a group of elements in InDesign with all elements sent after the starting GroupStart command.
GroupStart Starts creating a element group in InDesign. All commands following a GroupStart command will be grouped together.
ImageBox Places an Pimcore Asset in the document.
NextPage Jumps to the next page for placing elements in.
OpenDocument Opens the document to generate and template document.

Command is automatically issued when calling AbsctactProject::startRendering in AbsctactProject::buildPublication implementation.
PageMessage Command to send descriptive messages from rendering process to the InDesign plugin to give notifying or verbose feedback. Messages can be shown in the generation overlay or rendered onto the page in a separate InDesign layer outside of the page bounds.
RemoveEmptyLayers Executes a InDesign JavaScript to remove all empty layers from the generated document.
Command is automatically issued when calling AbsctactProject::stopRendering in AbsctactProject::buildPublication implementation.
SetLayer Sets the active layer in InDesign. All following elements will be places in this layer.
SplitTable Command automatically splits tables over multiple pages repeating head and footer rows.
Table Command to create InDesign tables. With InDesign\Html\FragmentParser it is possible to transform HTML tables into InDesign tables.
Template Command to create page layout supporting single page and facing page documents. Registered elements will be automatically placed onto a page, when generation places elements on a new page.
TextBox Command to create text boxes in InDesign.
Variable Sets an variable in InDesign that can be used when placing elements.
MaxValue Sets an variable in InDesign with the maximum value of other variables.
Minvalue Sets an variable in InDesign with the minimum value of other variables.

Topics to cover:

  • Concept and usage of relative positioning in context with variables.
  • Concept of CheckNewPage Command.
  • SplitTable pre Commands for placing content variables for positioning.