PimPrint-Demo Overview

Included projects

PimPrint-Demo includes several demo rendering projects.

Basic technical examples

Project Description
Getting Started Project from the Getting Started section, explaining the basic concept of PimPrint.
Command Demo Fully source code documented demo of all PimPrint Rendering Commands.

DataPrint examples

Example print products generating Pimcore Demo content showing the native integration with Pimcore.
Layout and content structure is inspired by the Web2Print Demo-Catalog in Pimcore Demo.

Project Description
Car Brochure Brochures with car variants.
Example Car Brochure PDF
Car List Lists with car variants.
Example Car List PDF
AccessoryPart List AccessoryParts in the same layout as Car lists.

Document format

All demos generate A4 portrait print documents.

Plugin - InDesign document creation

Important document settings (marked red in the screenshot above):

  • Page size must be a A4 document.
  • Orientation must be portrait.
  • Document must have at least 50 pages.*

All demos are implemented in a way that they can create single and facing page documents. The setting Facing Pages (marked green in the screenshot above) can either be unchecked (single page document) or checken (facing page document). The only difference in generation will be the generation of page layout elements.

PimPrint generation doesn’t create new pages in the document. If the target document has fewer pages than the generation needs, overflowing content is placed on the last page of the document. Therefore, a target rendering document must have enough pages.

Generate a document

To generate a document with the PimPrint Demo, create a new document as described above.
Open the PimPrint InDesign plugin, open the Project pane, select a project, a publication and click on the green Start Generation button.

Plugin - Getting Started Publication selected

This will start the rendering process of the InDesign document.

Basic Concept - Document generation

Generating InDesign documents with PimPrint is as easy. Now it is a good time to explore the demo projects.

Asset download issues

Download errors are displayed in the generation overlay.

Plugin - Download error

This might be because Pimcore is running in a Proxy environment. Please refer to the Development section for details. The config file you probably will have to edit is:


Reload Plugin

To instantly reload the Plugin click on the small icon at the lower right corner of the window.

Plugin reload