Rendering Projects

Project services create all information displayed in InDesign plugin to select a publication to generate and create the rendering instructions to build the InDesign document.

For a basic reference how you create your own project service and use its default features, please refer to the PimPrint rendering project page in the GettingStarted Section.

This chapter describes following aspects of project rendering services from a more technical point of view:

  1. Configuring the InDesign plugin FactoryFields
  2. Creating CustomField in the InDesign plugin
  3. Project Configuration Reference

Topics to cover:

  • Extending the PublicationLoader
  • Assigning InDesign templates >
  • Default via Config
* Dynamic by overwriting getTemplate() method
  • Content aware document update
  • Creating and styling text with ParagraphStyles and CharacterStyles
  • Transforming and styling HTML to InDesign elements.