DataPrint Demos

DataPrint demos are real world example print products generated with content from the Pimcore demo. They show the integration into Pimcore and usage of an arbitrary data model.

Project Content

Car Brochure / Car List

Car centric print products can be generated for Categories products/cars or Manufacturers. The Pimcore DataObject structures are transformed to a publication tree.

Demo Publications - Cars

AccessoryPart List

AccessoryPart print products can be generated for Categories products/spare parts or Manufacturers. The Pimcore DataObject structures are transformed to a publication tree.

Demo Publications - Accessory

PimPrint Features

Comprehensive Document update

After generation process PimPrint creates a textbox on first page outside page margins at top left position on a non printable layer called PimPrint Update-Info. This textbox contains information regarding the generated publication, language, generation timestamp, etc.

PimPrint - Update Info

PimPrint uses this textbox to identity the publication generated into the document. When a document with this textbox is opened, or plugin is reloaded, the publication and language generated in the document is automatically preselected. This allows fast content update of a previously generated document.

Open your Pimcore Demo backend and edit some data rendered in your document:

  • (Un)Publish some cars or car variants
  • Edit descriptive texts
  • etc.

Go back to InDesign click the Start Generation button.
This will start a content update of the previous generated document.

After generation is finished the content in the document will be upated with the current data in the Pimcore database. Changes elements where moved into different layers to give comprehensive feedback of the update generation process.

Layer Documentation
PimPrint-Deleted Elements that has been removed in the update process.
This layer is set to invisible automatically.
PimPrint-Updated Element content was updated.
PimPrint-Created New created elements.

PimPrint - Comprehensive Update Layers

Render Modes

PimPrint offers different render modes.

Mode Documentation
All elements (position and content) This is the main generation and rebuild mode. All elements are generated/updates with position and content.
All elements (content) This mode is used, when manual layout adaptions where made in the document. All content of document is updated, leaving all manual positioning as it is currently in the document
Selected elements (content) This mode is for partial content update of document. Only content of selected elements is updated.

PimPrint - Update Modes

Changing the Template

The DataPrint demo projects have a custom example implementation for setting the used InDesign template when generating Category or Manufacturer by assigning a predefined property.

PimPrint Demo - Template Property In this example the green demo template is assigned to the Manufacturer BMW. When documents for BMW are generated layout elements will be generated in green.
As the project implementation with PimPrint is absolutely customizable data model fields or any other logic can be used to determine the used template file.