PimPrint-Demo Pimcore Installation

PimPrint-Demo is a Pimcore bundle that is build for the public available Pimcore Demo. If you already have Pimcore Demo installed directly jump to the Installing PimPrint Demo.

Installing Pimcore Demo

Install the Pimcore Demo as described in the Readme.

Installing PimPrint Demo

Install the MdsPimPrintDemoBundle into your Pimcore Demo by issuing:

composer require mds-agenturgruppe/pimprint-demo-bundle

Enable MdsPimPrintCoreBundle and MdsPimPrintDemoBundle by issuing following commands in exactly this order:

bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable MdsPimPrintCoreBundle
bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable MdsPimPrintDemoBundle

For template change in demo projects MdsPimPrintDemoBundle creates predefined properties and imports InDesign template files into the Pimcore asset management. If you want to test this, execute the migrations by issuing:

bin/console pimcore:migrations:migrate -b MdsPimPrintDemoBundle

Installing the InDesign plugin

In order to generate InDesign documents with the PimPrint-Demo install the mds.PimPrint InDesign plugin and create a server connection to your Pimcore Demo installation.